When Taylor Swift appears in the NFL stands, the players’ wives look away

Actually, all attention should be focused on one player: Patrick Mahomes, probably the best American football player in the world, was on the field on October 2nd.

But like that “Bild” newspaper reported that shortly after the game started, all eyes turned to the stands. Because pop megastar Taylor Swift sat down there.

Taylor Swift’s new boyfriend is a footballer

Swift showed up to the game to support her new love, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, reports the “BILD” newspaper. Hollywood stars Sophie Turner, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman were also there.

The catch: A photo that has recently been circulating online shows several Chiefs players’ wives just a few rows below the starting trio turning away from them in frustration.

Among them is even Mahomes’ wife Brittany, who appears to be staring at her cell phone with demonstrative disapproval – while everyone around her is excited about Swift.

Wrong angle at the wrong moment?

Despite all appearances, it is unlikely that Brittany feels any real envy or resentment towards Swift, judges the “BILD” newspaper. After all, the Mahomes’ visited Swift and Kelce just two weeks ago and celebrated a game win together.

And today, too, the Chiefs ultimately secured a 23:20 win against the New York Jets, so there is probably no room for uncollegial sentiments for the time being.

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