When Wagner boss Prigozhin crashed, he had a photo of Putin with him

When Yevgeny Prigozhin fell to his death, he had Putin with him. Telegram images show a portrait of Putin in the cabin of the death machine. A mysterious meeting with the President a day before the crash raises questions.

Seven hours before Yevgeny Prigozhin’s fatal flight, footage was taken from inside the crashed plane. It shows that the cabin had a portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin on it – a whimsical scene that shows Putin smiling in a pilot’s helmet.

Prigozhin met Putin the day before the crash

It also became known that the Wagner boss had a meeting with Putin the day before the crash, according to Telegram channel “vchk-ogpu”. Prigozhin had recently returned to Russia from Africa. On August 22, Putin met with the President of Mozambique in Moscow. It is believed that Prigozhin was involved in these talks.

Prigozhin was originally supposed to fly to St. Petersburg on the same day, but this plan was scrapped at short notice. Prigozhin was known for his conspiracy theories, which is why he frequently changed planes and routes. In addition, the passenger lists were always destroyed after the flights. Shortly before the explosion, however, Prigozhin was forced by official orders to comply with the flight route and departure times. Whether this was coincidental or not is unclear.

The background remains mysterious and leaves room for speculation about political and personal motives.

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