“Who’s going to pinch my butt?” Prince William makes everyone laugh

During a visit to Wales, Prince William caused unexpected hilarity in a group photo. After he made a humorous remark, everyone present, including his wife Kate, erupted in laughter.

Prince William (41), an experienced media professional with numerous public appearances, knows how important authentic photo moments are. During his visit to the Grange Pavilion in Cardiff, Wales, on Wednesday, he made everyone in attendance laugh with an unexpected joke, which was captured in a group photo.

Prince William causes laughter and smiling faces

In a video shared on TikTok, the prince can be heard asking: “Who will pinch my butt?” Everyone, including William and his wife Princess Kate (41), started laughing at this unexpected comment, followed by snaps created with many radiant people.

The Queen also caused laughter during photo shoots

William isn’t the only member of the royal family to lighten up a serious photo shoot with a joke. The TikTok video compares his Prince joke to a memorable moment from his late grandmother Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022) at the G7 summit in June 2021. In a video published by the BBC at the time, the monarch was heard asking her fellow leaders : “Should you look like you’re having fun?”

The Prince and Princess of Wales were in Cardiff to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the arrival of the passenger ship HMT Empire Windrush in London and the start of Black History Month in the UK. The arrival of the HMT Empire Windrush in London on June 21, 1948 brought over 1,000 people from the Caribbean to Great Britain. Since then, the term “Windrush Generation” has been used to refer to people who resettled in the United Kingdom between 1948 and 1973, particularly those from the Caribbean.

Prince William and Kate provide unforgettable moments during their visit to Wales

According to Professor Uzo Iwobi, founder of Race Council Cymru, William and Kate’s visit was very special. “They shone a light on a community that has disappeared from history,” Iwobi told People. “It is a light that cannot be extinguished. These elders will take this to the grave. They will never forget that one of their country’s greatest leaders thought of them, traveled all the way and said thank you.”

Iwobi also noted how personable and authentic William was when speaking to the elders. She even revealed that the prince asked her for a hug before leaving the Grange Pavilion. “I grabbed him, yes. It was a very good hug. Like a brother.” She continued: “The good thing about him is how human he is, how reserved he is and how ordinary he wanted to be.” He therefore didn’t want people to bow down to him. “He was a Prince of Wales that people could identify with, which was pleasing for the older ones.”

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