Why Kate’s Daughter Charlotte Is A Boon For The Royal Future

Princess Kate and Prince William’s daughter celebrated her 8th birthday on Tuesday (May 2nd). BUNTE.de reveals what you need to know about the young royal.

She is her only daughter – and for that reason alone she is something very special. On May 2nd, Princess Charlotte will be eight years old. The perfect occasion to reveal more about the nature of Queen Elizabeth II’s (†) great-granddaughter. What do you absolutely need to know about Charlotte? And how does the sister of Prince George (9) and Prince Louis (5) tick? BUNTE.de answers these questions.

On May 2, 2015, the world cheered when Princess Kate and Prince William (40) welcomed their second child into the world. They christened their only daughter Charlotte Elizabeth Diana on July 5, 2015. Since then, the granddaughter of King Charles III. (74) is transformed from a toddler into a dapper young lady who is as sassy as she is wild and wonderful.

Princess Charlotte is called “Warrior” at school

Charlotte is an absolute boon to her parents’ royal future for a number of reasons. Because the eight-year-old fulfills a criterion at a young age that other royals cannot claim for themselves, even after several decades: the princess, who is called a “warrior” at school, is totally authentic in her actions.

At Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, the Queen’s great-granddaughter was the only one to express her emotions. If only for a few seconds, Charlotte was totally emotional and cried bitter tears for her great-grandmother. But even on happy occasions, the princess shows again and again what is on her mind. For example, at the throne jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in June 2022, she personally made sure that her little brother Louis wasn’t waving or fooling around too much.

Touching scene when she rebuked her little brother Louis

Certainly, she pressed down the hand of the baby of the Welsh house, rebuking him so gently. A gesture with which Charlotte once again catapulted herself into the hearts of the people. The next few years in particular will show in which direction the royal birthday child will develop. One thing, however, should already be taken for granted: there is no need to worry about Charlotte. She will go her own way.

Prince William’s daughter could follow in Princess Anne’s footsteps

Princess Charlotte certainly has no lack of commitment, a sense of duty, and exemplary behavior. And exactly these qualities also apply to her great-aunt. Princess Anne (72) is the sister of King Charles III. and the aunt of Charlotte’s father, Prince William. The fact that the princess is based on Anne is particularly likely because the two have similar roles in the Windsor house.

Anne is the king’s sister. And Charlotte’s brother George will one day ascend the throne after his grandfather Charles and his father William. Anne has always been considered the most hard-working royal in the British royal family. Nobody makes as many appointments as the “Princess Royal”. Charlotte still looks up to her parents – but her great-aunt could be a valuable teacher of life for her in the years to come.

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