Why Prince George and father William will soon be traveling on separate planes

Prince George and his father Prince William are still allowed to travel together. But little George will soon also be affected by the royals’ strict travel rules, which are intended to secure the succession to the throne.

Prince George turned ten on July 22nd. His parents, Prince William and Princess Kate, are still trying to give him as carefree a childhood as possible. Nevertheless, it is already clear that Prince George will one day ascend to the British throne. This ensures that something will change enormously in his life in two years. Air travel with his father is then taboo.

The ban on flights is intended to secure the British succession to the throne

The strict rule that Prince William and Prince George are no longer allowed to fly together from his 12th birthday is intended to ensure the succession to the throne, reports “mirror.co.uk“. The reason: After Prince William, his son George is number two in line to the throne. If he and his father were to have an accident in a plane crash, it could endanger the future of the monarchy.

Prince William was also not allowed to travel with father Charles

Prince George is not the first royal to be affected by the strict rule. Like Graham Laurie, the former pilot of King Charles III. reported on Hello magazine’s “A Right Royal Podcast” show, the flight ban also affected Prince William as soon as he turned twelve. From this point on, William always flew a separate plane from Northolt Air Base, while the rest of the family used a different plane. It is not yet known whether Prince George will also become such a lonely passenger or whether he will be accompanied by his siblings Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis and his mother while Prince William travels alone.

Special rules also apply to female royals

As “mirror.co.uk” further reports, there is another rule that the female members of the royal family must adhere to. It is mandatory to always carry a black dress while traveling. As King George VI. When he died in 1952, his daughter Elizabeth, who succeeded him to the throne as Queen Elizabeth II, was in Kenya. The future queen did not bring a black dress with her. It had to be rushed to London airport so that Elizabeth could change on the plane.

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