William jealous of Kate? Insider reveals when this is the case

Prince William (40) and Princess Kate (41, born Kate Middleton) stand for the future of the British monarchy and therefore also know how to put themselves in the right light. They appear approachable and down-to-earth. But the prince of all people has a problem with the perfect staging from time to time, as an insider has now revealed.

In their joint appearances, Princess Kate has a decisive advantage. While Prince William has to be content with a suit and tie, his wife is considered a real style icon, who surprises again and again with fashion and sometimes outshines her husband. And that’s exactly what William has a little problem with, reports “dailymail.co.uk“.

That bothers Prince William in joint photos with his wife Kate

Actually, Prince William is pleased that his wife is so well received by the public, aristocratic expert Roya Nikkah reported in “The Royal Beat” on the Internet platform “True Royalty TV”: “William is satisfied with it. I overheard him talking about Catherine’s work and how enthusiastic he is about it. He loves that she resonates.”

But while Prince William couldn’t be prouder of his wife, there’s one thing he doesn’t like. “The only thing I know that bothers him a little bit is when he gets cut out of photos,” Nikkah explained, adding, “You often see them going to an event together and the next day it looks up on the front page as if William had never been there.”

King Charles was also jealous of ex-wife Princess Diana

Although Prince William is a little annoyed that his wife is favored by the press, it doesn’t seem to be seriously damaging the marital peace. The two do not only appear in public as a closed unit. They also seem to harmonize perfectly with each other in their private lives. The relationship between William’s parents, i.e. between Prince Charles, now King Charles III, was very different. (74) and Princess Diana († 36), who were married from 1981 to 1996. According to Roya Nikkah, real dramas of jealousy took place here, and not just of a private nature.

“Charles was always very upset when Diana put him in the shade, which was all the time,” said the nobility expert. This was also discussed on the show Diana: In Her Own Words, which premiered on Channel 4 in 2017, reports “express.co.uk“. Memories of Diana, who died in 1997, can be heard on the audio recording. “When we were in the car, everyone was like, ‘Oh, we’re on the wrong side. We want to see her, we don’t want to see him,” said Prince William and Prince Harry’s (38) mother, adding, “He took it out on me, he was jealous.”

King Charles made a bitter joke about Princess Diana during his speech

How much the popularity of his then wife weighed on him was discussed by the then Prince Charles in a speech in South Korea in 1981. At the time, he joked after a joint appearance with a bitter undertone: “I’ve come to the conclusion that it would have been much easier to have two women covering both sides of the street and I would have to go in the middle and run the operation can.”

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