“Without starving””: Reality star Detlef Steves explains weight loss secret

Reality TV star Detlef Steves has been without all sweets for nine weeks. His fans have never seen him so slim. On Instagram he now explains his personal weight loss secret and proudly shows before and after photos.

His fans know him as round and comfortable, with a stately belly. But in recent years he has been steadily losing weight: Reality TV star Detlef Steves (54) has now been on a strict diet for nine weeks and has lost a lot of weight again. On Instagram he proudly shows before and after photos of his transformation. “What can I say, I’m 45 years old in the left picture, 54 years old in the right one,” he writes.

The former “Let’s Dance” candidate also reveals his current weight loss secret: “Eat healthier now, do sports, that’s it. I loved sweets, have been on zero for nine weeks and have lost my appetite.”

Steves does not reveal exactly how many kilos he has lost. However, it is clear to see that there must be a lot: His face is much more prominent, his stomach and his overall stature are significantly slimmer.

Detlef Steves: “You have to want it, nobody else!”

The TV star (including “The Perfect Celebrity Dinner”, “Grill den Henssler”) is certain that he has found a healthy way to lose weight: “With the food I have found my way without starving. “

He advises his fans: “There is no ultimate tip, listen, move and be happy. You have to want it, nobody else!”

Wife Nicole, to whom Steves has been married for 35 years, is enthusiastic about the success of the diet and congratulates her husband on Instagram with red heart emojis: “I’m so proud of you!”

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