ZDF documentary about Taliban rule: What is everyday life like in Afghanistan today?

How is Afghanistan two years after the Taliban seized power? A ZDF documentary examines the time under the rule of the radical Islamists and its effects on the everyday life of the population.

Two years have passed since the Islamist Taliban regained control of Afghanistan following the withdrawal of Western troops. The country, which for decades was the scene of military intervention and violent clashes, is once again under the rule of an organization known for its harsh interpretation of Islamic law and the repression of women’s rights. But how does the country look today after two years of the Taliban? With the documentary “Inside Afghanistan: Everyday life under the Taliban” the “auslandsjournal” in the second part provides a rare and deep insight into life under the new old government. This can be seen on Wednesday, August 9th at 10:20 p.m.

ZDF reporter Katrin Eigendorf managed to travel to the largely isolated country and document daily life in Afghanistan under the Taliban. How has everyday life changed for the population in Afghanistan in these two years? How does it feel to live under the renewed control of radical Islamists? The journalist approaches these questions with an unbiased view.

resistance stirs

Eigendorf shows a country that is confronted with enormous challenges. Education and job opportunities for women are severely restricted – girls are only allowed to go to school up to the sixth grade, and many professions are no longer allowed for women. These restrictions mark a profound step backwards in the struggle for equality and emancipation in Afghanistan.

At the same time, the documentation shows that despite the restrictions and the tense security situation in the country, there is resistance. Courageous Afghans oppose the system and fight for their basic rights. They risk much for the prospect of a future in which education and equality are self-evident rights, not privileges.

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