Zelenskyj before the UN: “Every decade Russia starts a new war”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj accused Russia at the United Nations of threatening many other states with its aggression. “It’s not just about Ukraine,” Zelensky said on Tuesday at the UN general debate in New York. “When hate is used as a weapon against a nation, it never ends,” he warned.

“Many seats in the hall of the General Assembly could become empty”

“Every decade Russia starts a new war,” was his verdict. Parts of Moldova and Georgia are occupied, Russia has almost annexed Belarus and is threatening Kazakhstan, the Baltic states – and the international order.

“Many seats in the hall of the General Assembly could become empty if Russia succeeds with its betrayal and aggression.” Moscow is using not only military but also other weapons in the war against Ukraine – “and these things will not only be against our country used, but also against yours,” Zelenskyj said to the UN member states.

“Terrorists have no right to have nuclear weapons”

“Russia is using food prices as a weapon,” he warned. “The effects extend from the Atlantic coast of Africa to Southeast Asia.” Moscow is also using energy as a weapon to weaken governments of other countries.

“Terrorists have no right to possess nuclear weapons,” warned Zelensky, referring to Russia and its threats of nuclear destruction potential. “But truly, the atomic bombs are not the most frightening thing now.”

The Ukrainian president personally took part in the UN general debate in New York for the first time since the start of Russia’s war of aggression against his country in February 2022. Last year he addressed the United Nations via video address.

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